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Ovivo Switzerland holds over 200 years of cumulated expertise, providing the best technologies and solutions available for your water treatment plants. Our customers are provided with needed technological advances that aim to support your water and wastewater treatment.

Our new relocation to Witterswil is home to over 50 employees, specializing in technologies and ideas used to create innovative systems. Taking into account environmental impacts, our solutions are the most sustainable and efficient on the market.

In this growing community we strive for advanced state-of-the-art products that our customers appreciate, and greatly benefit through. Ovivo Switzerland aims to build a customer relationship that is inevitable by ensuring the needs of our customers are met repeatedly. 


“Ovivo – creating value in water through innovation, creativity and expertise in clean water, process water, wastewater treatment, waste-to-energy and water reuse markets across 5 continents.”

  • Ovivo Switzerland is the global center of knowledge for all the Semiconductor operations. Our technology has been evolving at an exponential rate, allowing us to treat and produce water of ultimate quality through various production processes. We realize the scarcity and importance of water and through our processes that include reclamation of wastewater, recycling of water, and reuse, we hinder environmental impacts significantly.
  • At Ovivo Switzerland, a business-orientated view of total operating costs in water and wastewater is present, where each office draws upon the best practice and in-depth application knowledge to ensure the effective running of water solutions within our clients’ businesses.


  • Our clients can comfortably be ensured of high quality by providing tests and confirmation of operating capabilities via regular inspections, either onsite or remotely. Our experts ensure easy communication, local resources are used wherever possible, and costs are kept to a minimum.

At Ovivo Switzerland, we run a high end laboratory with top tier equipment. Our experienced employees operate these equipment in our establishment in order to reach innovative ideas for our customers. Below are several instruments featured in our laboratory.


Inductively Coupled Plasma – Optical Emission Spectrometry: analytical technique for the identification and quantification of trace elements in water.


Headspace Gas Chromatograph: common type of chromatography used to separate, identify, and quantify the volatile organic substances in a liquid sample.


Digital Microscope: This equipment allows us to visually investigate samples collected.


3D Printer: This equipment allows us to produce custom-made parts for prototypes.

The ultrapure water treatment used in semiconductor manufacture provides the purest water feasible.

Ovivo works tirelessly to provide the purest water possible to the global semiconductor industry and succeeds in meeting the most stringent TOC requirements! Our ultrapure water treatment (UPW) systems utilize several processing methods (e.g., conventional, membrane, Ion Exchange and thermal processes – either in conjunction or independently), depending on output requirements. Individual equipment is easy to incorporate into existing and/or complimentary systems.


Why should you work with Ovivo?


The global community is facing a water crisis and the demand for clean water is ever increasing. Many of the industries that Ovivo serves are often under scrutiny from the general public, governments and the media to improve their processes and reduce the impact on the environment.

Ovivo develops and provides high-performance technologies to serve the semiconductor industry’s use of water and has had great success in meeting the most stringent TOC requirement (<0.3 ppb).

Ovivo’s passion to create value in water is executed through the design, installation and commissioning of highly sophisticated ultrapure water treatment (UPW) systems, providing customers with the best end-to-end solutions to treat and recycle water at the lowest energy cost.

Choosing Ovivo as your UPW systems partner, we guarantee

  • Reliable system meeting the exceptionally high standards of the industry
  • Lowest cost of ownership
  • Forward looking technology development and innovation
  • Open, close and transparent communication
  • High experienced company and people
  • A partner with more than 150 Ultrapure Water Treatment Systems successfully installed worldwide


At Ovivo Switzerland, our specialists are constantly searching of innovative ideas through testing and experimenting with our high end laboratory. It is our collective goal to bring Ovivo Switzerland one step closer to a world of revolutionary state of the art research and development. 


Here at Ovivo, we have developed the Water Augmented, a new form of technology involving the utilization of digital applications in water treatment to improve accuracy, robustness and quality of our current treatment processes, reduces energy and other resource consumption through the use of smart monitoring and control solutions and provides a more user-friendly interface for plant operators and service technicians through on-line data mining and remote intervention capabilities.



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