The level of automation which is brought to Ovivo water treatment systems delivered to customer site allows us to slowly be prepared for the next largest industry change which is Industry 4.0.

  • Most of our systems are connected to long term data storage archives and they collect thousands of process data's which can be utilized for plant optimization and predictive maintenance.
  • We want to propose to our customers a better way to assess hydraulic design by using plant virtualization and then interface to a PLC for straight forward real-time simulation of their systems.
  • Additionally we propose to work with them on retrofiting existing control systems or even water treatment plants so that they get ready for 4.0 where connectivity over IoT will become an asset.
  • Thanks to our "the machine writes the code" compilers we are able to jump into code reusibility, object oriented programming concepts and thus developing high level of standardization which allows systems to be better maintained and expanded. This product is also proposed to anyone having the needs to carry out cost-effective and high quality of software implementation.

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Automation – One team worldwide for all your needs

Our automation team provides engineering and support for wide range of topics, such as electrical design, pneumatic design, process instrumentation design, PLC programming, SCADA design, as well as IT solutions for customized needs.

Most of the detail design work is done in-house by people with years of experience in water treatment processes. Consequently, a specific process described in written form can easily be converted into a software solution with outstanding clarity in programming method and codes.

Our software library for PLC and SCADA is regularly updated to keep up with the development of new technologies in water treatment.